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Planning a destination wedding or group trip can be a daunting task! Work with our travel specialists to ensure everything is just how you want it.


Choosing a Destination

We look at your list of “must haves” and suggest resorts and/or venues that fit the bill for you to decide between. Once confirmed we guide you in securing the date with the location.

Included in standard package.

Booking Guests

You supply your guest list and we send out e-vites to book them on flights and in rooms at your chosen accommodation. We act as the point of contact for any questions from your guests – a service we’ve heard is invaluable!

Included in standard package.

Liaising with On-site Planner

Where your chosen resort offers an on-site wedding planner, we will liaise with them to ensure everything is as it should be. Don’t worry about things getting missed in translation or through distance.

Add on service for weddings.

On-the-day Support

For many couples our presence on the day is an extra safety net that ensures everything goes smoothly and any last minute wrinkles are ironed out by us instead of them.

Add on service for weddings.
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Other Group Travel Services

There are all kinds of reasons to travel – the world is waiting for you with open arms!

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Wedding Party Getaways

We take care of every detail, from flights and accommodations to stunning beachfront venues and personalized itineraries. Let us create an unforgettable tropical escape for your wedding celebration.


Embark on the perfect honeymoon with our expert travel specialist services. From idyllic beach destinations to exotic adventures, we curate unforgettable experiences tailored to your preferences. Let us create your dream honeymoon getaway.

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Vow Renewals

Renew your wedding vows in paradise with our specialized travel services. We handle all the arrangements for your tropical trip, from breathtaking venues to romantic experiences, ensuring an unforgettable vow renewal ceremony. Let us create your magical moment.

Family Trips

Experience the ultimate tropical family getaway with our expert travel specialist services. From stunning beach destinations to family-friendly resorts, we curate unforgettable experiences tailored to every family member. Let us create your dream tropical vacation.

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